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Whores Sweet Whores offers different ways to chat in our nice and friendly community.

If you like to talk only to one person you can IM her via our direct chat system. There are two ways of direct chat. In our forum for lesbian and bi-sexual women we also have the possibility for a group chat, that is a nice thing, too.

Further there is a shoutbox that is also a nice way of sexual and other kind of conversation.

We are the last free, secure community for lesbian and bisexual women. was created in 2007. Since 2010 we run our own server and offer chats, forums, videos, blogs, self-written stories and many, many more to our users. People say that we are the best *smile*. Our forum is free for any genuine member. There is no nasty advertisement at Sweetwhores, we finance our site privately.

This site is managed by Sally, Bethany and Vianney, our members are from US, Canada, UK, Europe and Australia.