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Every members - if she likes to stay - is asked to upload at least two face pictures into our forum. Why? Because we must be sure that you are real. Oft course we will not accept strange or male members. We have thousands of picture and so many members to contact and add to your friends-list.

We have many groups in our community for lesbian, bi and straight woman. A group for everyone. There are groups like masturbation, Partner and problems, Sweet Stories, Female Jokes, Discussion about Sex, Dom and Sub and many more.

Of course every member is allowed to create her own group. We are a fair and nice community for woman and want woman to explore their sexual fantasy.

There are a few 'event-lists' for interesting events, our female members can participate.

Sweet Whores is a free community, that means, our members does not have to pay anything. However, donations are highly welcomed since we pay privately for this forum.

We are non-profitable.