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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Sweetwhores is in full compliance with the EU Law. We are a non-profitable private network. We do not sell or give away any private details of our members. We do not collect user datas nor do we use external program who do so. We are not interested in any kind of advertisement nor do we have any financial interest. We do not share or include social media links on your pages. For more information read our TOS. We do not check or investigate on any cookie that is created during a visit. We respect privacy. To make sure that you do not give any unwanted cookie you should delete any cookie after your visit. For statistic purposes we have a counter which is hosted on Statcounter.com. Kindly contact them for the whereabouts of your private datas. We do not handle these private datas, nor do we give them to third parties. We are not sure what Google sees from our webside. If you want to learn more please read this https://www.google.de/intl/de/policies/. From time to time we will send you a Newsletter. If you do not want this, then please send us a short email and you will be opt out from any Newsletter. Every member of this private forum has full access of what other mebers in the forum can see. Also you can switch off any notification you may receive from other members. Non members have no access to the forum. Therefore nobody else can see any private datas.

Additional Legal Notice:

Sweet Whores is a non-profitable private owned site for women only. We do not charge our members. All fees are paid privately by ourselves. We care for the site and their members. We are an independed community to offer women a safe place to explore their sexual desires. Sweet Whores is a free community, that means, our members does not have to pay anything. We will never tolerate animalsex or childsex or any other kind of sick shit. We believe in freedom.

Sally K. for Sweet Whores
Thurso, Scotland/U.K.