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Chapter I - Mutant Fuck
The Mutant Whores

The sun slowly disappeared on the horizon over the Atlantic Ocean. Like every evening, in a far distance ships were to be seen, mainly oil-tankers bringing north-sea-oil from the Orkneys to the lower west side of Britain. From a window of that large building two women were watching... sitting close aside each others, admiring the beautiful sunset.

"Moments like these always make me so romantic, Sally!" a busty woman with long black hairs purred to the woman next to her. The other woman turned around, slowly and with her amazing eyes she looked at her girl. Then she stroke her chestnut-brown hairs and licked her lips.

"Mmmmhh.... Penelope, I can feel that. Since 10 minutes you caress my lap and my womanhood and I am about to get crazy. Either you stop that or you fuck me on the table right now!"

The dark-haired woman smiles and watches a few seagulls flying through the evening sun... looking for a safe place to spend the night. Usually they never come to this area. People say that animals feel the danger and indeed, nobody really knows what happened here in Dounreay 30 years ago. Atomic incident, a desaster... some people talk of X-linked mutations. But no one really knows and those who knows do not talk. Such as Sally and Penelope who are quite different than other women are.

The dark-haired does not withdraw her hands from Sally instead she opens the zip of Sally's overall... "Pen... we are at work... please not...." but in the moment Penelope's hand slides into Sally's panties, the red-haired woman stops to protest and her head leans back. She enjoys her girl's hand massaging her mons... she sobs when Pen's tender fingers slide carefully into her grotto... then slowly out again... and deep, very deep into her again... Sally moans and her lips are seaking Penelope's... the tips of their tongues meet, start playing, melting.... finding each others mouth and dance over and over again. The black-haired woman fucks her red-haired girl intensive and her fingers are covered with juice while she pushes and pulls them deep into Sally... who's legs are spread wide... expecting an orgasm... Sally's lips leave Pen, she is breathing hard:

"Pen! Yeeeeeeeeeeessssssss...... more! More! Fuck me, dirty whorish wife! Fuck me harder... yeesss..... Peeeeeennnn..... please... please use your magic tongue! Lick my clitty while you fuck me.... Yeeessss...... ngnnnnnnnnnn!"

With a devilish smile the black-haired woman again french-kisses Sally... her tongue goes deep into the red-haired girls throat, gagging her, almost choking her. Sally's head leans back... her breast moves up and down, rapidly, she is gasping when Penelope pulls her long tongue our of her troat... an enourmous tongue which still grows... incredibly long... The dark-haird woman starts to lick her girls tits. Slowly her tongue is wrapping Sally's tits, one by one, squeezing them until Sally gives a loud desperate moan. Penelope's finger are moving fast in and out Sally's split making her almost cum... then her enourmous tongue slides down the red-haired girls body... alongside her tummy, licking her belly-bottom, them moving down deeper, finding her clitty.

Sally leans back further and screams loud when the enourmous tongue reaches her clitty and start to lick her... then rubbing her clitty intensively like a big finger. Sally struggles, sobs and moans when she comes... a clitoral orgasm... very intensive, then the tongue slows down rubbing her clitty... moving down and slides deep into the red-haired girls pussy. Then Sally gets fucked by Penelope's mutated tongue, which is at this moment one meter long and thick as a wrist. Now the sweet red-haired Scottish girls gets fucked by Pen with the intensitivity of a steam-hammer. She screams loud each time half of the monster-tongue disappears in her shivering cunt almost twirling in her bowel... Sally spreads her legs as wide as she can... getting fucked with that monster-cock-tongue... she screams and screams.... yeeeeesssssssss..... yeeeesssss..... ngngnnnnnnnnnn.... Once more Penelope pushed her tongue like a fleshy steam-hammer deep into Sally... making her girl come... shrieking... climaxing, her head leans back and out of her wide open mouth comes a long deep, deep moan. Then the exhausted woman collapses.

Slowly the dark-haired women pulls her tongue out of Sally's pussy, which is vibrating very strong. Pen starts licking her girls womanhood, her inner tigh, her belly buttom, finally her tits and her nipples, which are still stiff, showing to the ceiling of the small room.... then she kneels down. Her tongue diminishes... getting thinner until she gets back to normal and disappears in the dark-haired woman's mouth. Pen looks at Sally's clitty, which is still stiff and big as a thumb. Slowly Penelope opens her mouth and starts to suck her girls clit... Sally sobs and moans again, she desperately seizes Pen's hairs, strokes and tousles them and presses her head firmly against her lap. Penelope lasciviously sucks Sally's clit, make her grow and grow until her mouth is filled with the clit... she sucks and suck intensively while she starts to fist-fuck the screaming red-haired girl.

Sally recovers soon from her hard orgasm and begs for more.... for a couple of minutes Penelope continues to deep-throat this gigantic clit, which becomes bigger than any cock, then she stops. Pen is breathing hard when she gets up and sits down at the Scottish girls lap, inserting that gigantic clit into her juicy pussy. Now a long hard ride begins and both woman are screaming while they are fucking each others. Inbetween their tongues melt when they french-kiss, they massage their tits and pinch their nipples while Sally's mutant clitty pumps up Pen's pussy... fucking her over and over again... "Sallyyyyyyyy..... yeeesssssssssss..... yessssssssssss.....fuck me.... fuck me with your mutated clit, fuck me like a dirty whore.... yessssss! Awwwwww..... pleaaaassse!"

Penelope cums with a deep moan and in the same moment Sally explodes, screaming like a tortured cat... shivering, shaking.... embracing each other. Pen's gasping fills the air and final skriek from the red-haired girl is to be heard. Then both woman collapse, holding each other lovingly, climaxing for so many minutes.

more to cum soon.....